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Aligning with Parish Community Life

What Heartward Can Offer Your Community

Strong, Sustainable Communities for Uncertain Times

Uncertain times inspire the need to build skills and competencies that can serve our residents and the local community directly - be they land based, conflict resolution or creative outlets. Our aim is to help facilitate that potential.

Managing uncertainty for us also means allying with local government initiatives to tackle managing resources more efficiently. Local campaigns, providing survey data, offering our community space in support, modelling ecological practices such as zero carbon living and on site food production are some of the ways we envision participating.

We do not and cannot see ourselves in isolation. We are inter-generational, inclusive, sensitive to wider community needs, simply because if we are not, we will stagnate, become insular, unsustainable and residents will leave the community.

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Meeting the Need for Affordable Housing

Our scope is for 11-25 homes depending on the size of land available, 30% of which will be affordable housing. We are keen to foster an inclusive approach with those with housing needs. We are currently developing relations with Housing Associations who are likely to have applicants interested in the Heartward vision.

Modelling a Way to Live that takes Climate Change Seriously

We intend to be a clear example of how to reduce our carbon footprint, in the building company we choose, with renewable energy installations, carbon-sequestering land regeneration techniques, car pooling and use of bikes to name a few aspects.

We are in discussions and most likely to partner with an ecological build company that assembles homes on site, cut to spec in a factory, thereby resulting in zero waste on site. Their light-gage system uses 70% recycled steel and 70% less concrete than traditional build. Their business model and product envisages employing unskilled local people to assemble homes onsite thereby helping the local economy.

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Maintaining Safe, Healthy Places to Live

Safety for children is one of most sought after benefits of living together. We will all be looking out for each other and after each other, in sickness and in health. Residents will be safe also from the debilitation of isolation and loneliness. Our hope is that Heartward cultivates active Elders rather than old people.

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Supporting the Local Economy

We will seek to support local producers with bulk orders, particularly for food products. Our-long term vision is to train local young people in land-based skills to further support food production in the area. Our pool of talents and skills once formed and identified will have other skills to share.

We also wish to offer workshop, office and studio spaces to the local community for both short and long term rent as a way to contribute to the vibrancy of our wider neighborhood, foster good relationships and raise revenue for the project.

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Facilities for Leisure and Culture

Creativity is one of the guiding principles of Heartward. We envision having land, workshop space, hall space and residents enough to promote, create and support many forms of creative license for ourselves and the wider community.

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