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Gathering Together


By Heartward member Sandra Jensen

Last Sunday we had another delicious Heartward Gathering at our 'interim' Community House - Dylan Burns and Lizzie Baker's lovely home in Lewes. There were some new faces which was great, and as always it's so good to get to know each other a bit more.

And, it was quite literally delicious - Nick Brown's vegan walnut cake is the best I've ever had. I think it has to be our "Heartward Cake"! I was so involved in enjoying myself (munching on cake) I forgot to take enough photographs, but we all shared a little about some exciting land news (nothing definite yet), and we talked about the change in process regarding further information presentations (all coming soon, just in a different format to what we originally planned).

We each shared where we are at on the cohousing journey - how long we've known about cohousing, whether or not we've lived in an intentional community before (or even unintentional intentional community!), how committed we are to Heartward, and of course spent time just 'being' together. I'm very grateful to everyone who brought their special selves to this gathering and the yummy food.

If you couldn't manage to come, there will be other meet ups, and if this is the first you've heard about us and want to find out more do drop us a line at

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More photos of the gathering are on our Facebook post.