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Coffee and Chit-Chat

Come and hang out with us in November

While in many ways it’s a blessing to be able to meet online – in fact we’ve formed strong ties amongst our team during lockdowns, working together solely online. But, there are drawbacks. You can’t read body language, or even a certain energy some people might be sending out. During an in-person meeting you can, and this encourages a more personal connection and a deeper and more collaborative way of being together. Many of us don’t like to be on ‘camera’ or feel performance anxiety during Zoom sessions, turning the camera off or just feeling pressure to speak as only one person can talk at a time. But in-person we can engage more fluidly and spontaneously - more personally. You can reach out quietly to someone you think might be feeling uncomfortable, you can all talk at once and not hear anyone and laugh about it, or just sit in a huddle chatting with someone you’ve discovered loves all the things you do.

As we wrote in a previous blog, at the heart of community is relationship, and while we aren’t living together now, the more we can get to know each other the more we nurture our project, encouraging Heartward’s roots to grow strong and deep.

So we are planning two dates for an informal coffee and chit-chat gathering: in Lewes on Sunday 6th of November, and Brighton/Hove on Sunday 13th of November. Exact timings and locations aren’t set yet, but it’s likely to be in the afternoon.

Please let us know by email - - if you plan to make one or other of those dates (or both!) so we can arrange suitable venues.

We very much look foward to seeing you in person.